1. A firefighter
    Age 5. Thought fires were cool. Thought siding down the fire pole looked fun. I changed my mind after I caught my hair on fire one afternoon.
  2. An archaeologist.
    Age 10. Read every book in the library on dinosaurs. Ruled this career out after I had a particularly frightening dream of a t-Rex emerging from a pillar of fire.
  3. A veterinarian.
    Age 12. I loved dogs. Thought this career sounded fun until I realized that I'd have to see blood.
  4. A counselor.
    Age 14. A personality test we took in school listed this as an option. Considered it for a minute before I realized that I was terrible at talking to people and also dealing with emotions, two crucial components of being a counselor.
  5. An animator.
    Age 18. Entered school with this as my major and it took only a few months for me to realize that this job is harder than it sounds and wouldn't be creatively fulfilling.
  6. A graphic designer.
    Age 21.
  7. A person with a salaried job who can afford to live on her own and pay her student loans.