Curacao, you better watch out!🌴🌞
  1. Swim a lot
  2. Work hard
    Do great at my job
  3. Dress Nicely
    The Mindy Project reference: check!
  4. Work out with sister
    And actually do it, maybe try kick boxing too
  5. Party
    Noche buena / New Years/ Mambo
  6. Tattoo
    ?????? !!!!!!!! ??????????? (Miso / Virgo constalation)
  7. Keep practesing dutch
  8. Quality time with the family
    Love them! Xx
  9. Flirt only with really cute guys
    And only cute guys
  10. READ
  11. Eat healthy and yummy meals
    Both home made and dining out
  12. Sew with grandma!
    I wanna learn how to quilt and maybe remake a dress she made years ago. She is so great. I miss my other grandma.