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  1. Wine🍷🍷🍷
    any kind of wine will work here. don't bother with an expensive bottle, your tears will just water it down anyway.
  2. Popcorn
    a must. also goes great with the wine. and the salt from your tears will only make the popcorn taste better.
  3. Twitter
    because shouting your feelings into the void helps somewhat. it's comforting to know that other people are STILL just as upset about: Mark dying, how much we all miss Cristina, and not knowing HOW to feel about the mess that is Calzona.
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*disclaimer: I can't sing for shit.
  1. 1992-1997
    waiting until my 5th birthday aka the best day ever when I would receive my first karaoke machine along with Shania's "Come On Over" album.
  2. 1997-The End of Time
    a backup singer for Shania Twain*