1. My grandpa telling me this crazy story (it sounded straight out the movies) about how my cousin who's a year older than me inherited $200,000
  2. My uncle drinking a 25 year old bottle of wine
  3. My mom telling the story of how she got mad at my dad on their wedding night and went for a walk on the levee to clear her head and then ran into his sister
  4. My aunt telling the even better story of how her husband called her a carnivorous dog on their wedding night
  5. Plans being made for my aunt to interpretive dance in a bird cage to an original song my uncle is going to write
  6. Me overhearing my cousin talking to my uncle and saying "you know I remember a few years ago when Christmas was all about the presents and now it's all about the family".
    Then me tapping him on the shoulder and going, "that was beautiful" and my uncle high-fiving me.
  7. A Mr. Potato Head