My favorite TV shows compartmentalized.
  1. Heartfelt: Gilmore Girls
    Nothing tugs at the heart strings faster. The characters were well-developed; the dialogue quick-witted. Still convinced Stars Hallow is real. And yes, the reboot will change my life. Thank you for asking.
  2. Intense: Prison Break
    My heart rate spiked exponentially whilst watching it but \_(ツ)_/. Action shows typically aren't my forté (I've been known to zone out during fight scenes), but Prison Break had me HOOKED. Seeing characters who genuinely loved each other enough that they were willing to do ANYTHING for the other was honestly beautiful.
  3. Comedy: The Office
    I finished the show last week and have nothing but respect and undying gratitude for everyone who made this show possible including @mindy and @bjnovak ofc. Whether it was Kevin spilling his chili or Stanley wondering how many freaking vampires he was supposed to care about these days, I've never laughed harder at a show.