Shockingly less glamorous than you would imagine
  1. Almost getting demolished by a bike/skateboard/scooter/unicycle/hover board??
    At least 7-9 times a day.
  2. Coming to the conclusion that blue cheese is the Devil's product.
    Thanks, dining hall. Couldn't have done it without you, babe.
  3. Having to ask yourself questions you never expected to ask yourself
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    Like "sandwich or garden??"
  4. Being called "Kale" by the smoothie king employees
    Even after you've spelled out your name for them.
  5. Walking into the hall bathroom and smelling barbecue
    Well, I guess that's better than the alternative...
  6. Attempting to get a good view of the blood moon and ending up sitting in the parking lot with your friends which results in everyone thinking your car is broken down.
  7. Seeing A from Pretty Little Liars getting soft serve
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    "This ice cream is cold like that one time I tried to freeze you to death. Kisses. -A" (yes, I'm aware that show is 4 seasons too long.)
  8. Going home and appreciating the little things in life
    Like 2 ply toilet paper