Let's be real.. Everyone scrolls through their phone looking for good ones
  1. Picture of a dog I was walking with my friend who was looking after him. Tbh not 100% sure his name. I think it was Sammy.
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  2. This is a picture I took on top of 30 Rock in NYC. It's one of my fave pictures I took on my trip. I love New York.
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  3. "WHY NOT MINDY" Ad that was on the subway and I got really excited about it. I took a hella creepy photo of it including the people on the train who's facial expressions are hilarious but I feel weird showing them so I cropped it.. WATCH THE MINDY PROJECT AND READ @mindy Kaling's books because they are AMAZING.
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  4. Oreo frozen yogurt. Because who doesn't like that
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  5. This picture of The Mindy Burger from Umami burger that I posted on Instagram... THAT MINDY LIKED. The burger was also amazing.
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