Pre-order now. 22/08/2027
  1. Hey. Yeah, I know, my name is also a flower
    You have no idea how many times people acknowledge this. I thought I'd just get it out of the way
  2. A little bit about me
    This is where I explain some facts that I find interesting, but others probably won't
  3. My childhood
    It was good. Maybe I'll throw in some hella embarrassing photos because you know.. I want the book to do well.
  4. My Teens
    This consists of hating middle school and high school and my love of Twitter, TV, Tumblr and my phone.
  5. My morning routine
    It's basically me getting up late, finding the closest clothes, and throwing on some makeup.
  6. Procrastination 101
    Get all the social media apps imaginable. Done.
  7. The day I went through without taking to anyone
    It got to the point where it was now a goal to not talk to a soul the whole day. I texted. Texting doesn't count.
  8. That moment I figured out what I wanted to do with my life
    This moment hadn't happened yet (and boy do I hope it does)
  9. Meet-cute turned husband
    This also has yet to happen.
  10. Favourite Faces and Places
    Aka an ode to Mindy Kaling and New York City