HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 👑 Mindy Kaling

I probably already tweeted you and commented on your Instagram... But I promise I'm not, like, a crazy stalker. Happy birthday @mindy! 37 great things that MK has blessed us with.
  1. The Mindy Project
    I mean if you haven't realized yet this is my favourite show. You should watch it.
    Honestly I think about this everyday and I should get it tattooed on my forehead as a reminder. The book, the phrase... just pure gold.
  3. "'Why the fuck not me' should be your motto"
    A different variation of the phrase, which I love.
  4. This.. I mean, like, hello wisdom
  5. I think about this a lot too
  6. "I wish Taylor Swift and I were the youngest and oldest sisters, respectively, of a large Austen-y type family"
    - @ MindyKaling on Twitter and honestly iconic.
  7. "Sometimes I tell people I'm in the Bad Blood video and you know what? For a second they think it's true"
    Ok but still confused why you weren't
  8. When she blessed us with "Diwali" ep on The Office
  9. And also the golden episode of "Niagara"
  10. And then again with "Michaels Last Dundies"
    When we were all in tears over Steve Carell leaving
  11. "Love means never having to say "hey, are we dating?"
    Once again dropping pearls of wisdom on Twitter
  12. "If you drive by someone's house is that too boring to text them about"
    I hope not because I do this all the time? 😳
  13. "When I wear those trendy sports bras with a million straps I get stuck in them like a seagull in a six pack ring"
  14. When MK and BJ fought on Twitter about the dress
    Because honestly that whole dress thing broke friendships. Or... At least caused friction in mine. GUYS BLUE AND BLACK.
  15. "This dude on a date next to me is telling a story like beginning, middle, middle, middle"
    This is literally every single person I know
  16. "100% of the time a woman suspects a woman wants her man, it just means her man wants another woman (should I write R&B songs?)"
  17. Like I just... 💯💯💯
  18. Her Instagram is just a blessing tbh
    (@ MindyKaling, if you're not following.)
  19. Every single clothing item that Mindy wears on The Mindy Project
    Talk about fashion ICON
  20. This look
  21. This look
  22. Actually like every outfit. This entire list could be just outfits.
  23. The entire Nationwide commercial
    Just. I just.. 💯
  24. American Express commercial
    Literally like inspirational as hell
  25. Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (And other concerns)
    First book. And amazing.
  26. When Kate Middleton stole her look
    Same fashion level
  27. Anytime she talks about her mom because you can here and see the love that is there
    And it makes me cry every time.
  28. The Harvard Law School speech
    Can you come speak at mine? 2018
  29. Every Instagram and Twitter bio is an experience
  30. Not to mention every caption is 💯💯
  31. Her love for McDonalds
    Which, like, #same
  32. Her whole Twitter is just a blessing tbh
  33. Chris Messina dancing. I would like to take this moment to thank Mindy for that.
  34. Male Prima Donna 🎤
    And that entire Subtle Sexuality
  35. My favourite lines that I say on the reg
    Such as "how dare you" and "ex-squeeze me"
    Because they are amazing. For real.
  37. Just being you 😊