1. Winning the lotto
    Someone's gotta
  2. Getting hit by car
    I heard if you get hit by a campus car the school will pay your tuition
  3. Have a meet-cute situation who wants to pay it
    Any takers?
  4. Become Instagram/twitter famous
    People get paid for doing those things, right?
  5. Making an app
    Maybe something where you can put all your clothes in and in the morning it can help generate an outfit for you... I'll name it.. Dress Day™ or something
  6. Scholarships
    They have them for people who don't really do anything, right?
  7. Invent something
    Idk figure technicalities out later
  8. Finding money
    Does this happen? Is it common?
  9. Suing people
    Over what? Idk.