I haven't done one of these in a while, but it's 2am and I can't sleep.
  1. Tomorrow is the fall finale of The Mindy Project and I've honestly never been so stressed/ nervous/ excited
    More stressed about hiatus. I don't do well during those
  2. I have an exam wednesday
    Barely studied
  3. I have an essay due this week
    I'm not even sure if what I have been writing makes sense
  4. I had chocolate late
    Maybe this is why I can't sleep
  5. I've been binge watching Friends lately and it will always be one of my favourite tv shows
  6. My parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas and I don't know
    And it's stressing me out
  7. My friend is at my uni on exchange and he goes back home in a couple weeks and I'm sad about it
    Australia is far 😔
  8. The elevators in my building aren't working or weren't working today and I was so lost
    Lol I mean I usually take the stairs to go up, but I like having the elevator there as an option. It's comforting 😂
  9. I wonder what everyone else is doing right now
  10. You think sleeping?
  11. Can people just lay down and go to sleep right away?
  12. I can't do that
  13. It takes me hours to fall asleep
  14. I've been wondering... Why do I have so many more followers on Tumblr than Twitter? Don't people want to hear my witty tweets everyday?
    Lol jk. They aren't funny... Just me complaining tbh
  15. If I can't sleep should I work or study right now?
  16. I worry about a lot of things at night
  17. Sometimes I wonder if I watch too much tv. Then other times I wonder if I don't watch enough
  18. My phone is at 32% should I be charging it for tomorrow?
  19. There are so many bad things in the world, but there are also so many good things
    I think about this a lot
  20. I just want Christmas already
  21. I should try sleeping again
  22. Right?