I can't sleep. Here are some thoughts
  1. Why do I hear people outside talking loud... It's 2am go to bed
  2. Also why are people being loud in my building rn it's 2am go to bed
  3. My screen is bright
  4. I can hear my fridge making noise.... Shhh
  5. I remembered a dream I had a couple nights ago at like 5:30 pm today.. Weird
  6. Names are so weird. Like have you ever just looked at one (even a common one) and just went whoa
    Same with words. If I stare at a word for too long it starts to look weird to me
  7. I kinda wish it was morning right now
    I will regret saying this when I have to get up
  8. Do you think making this list right now will help make my brain tired?
  9. Since updating my phone some emojis are in weird places and I'm still getting used to it
  10. I hear more people
    What are you guys doing rn it's 2:05
  11. Earlier my friend sent me a picture of a pie he was making in the oven and I never got an update on the pie
  12. It takes me 5ever to fall asleep
  13. I don't like that it gets so dark so early!
    Makes going to night classes a lot harder
  14. I wanted to go to bed earlier tonight
    😂😂 I say this every night
  15. How weird is it that in other parts of the world it's tomorrow or yesterday
  16. How weird is it that we can now talk (and get to know) people via the Internet from all over the world
  17. I find that so cool
  18. Am I tired yet?
  19. Kinda
  20. I was catching up on SNL tonight and when Tracy Morgan came out on the stage, I legit teared up
    Then when I saw the 30 Rock crew 😭
  21. I sleep on my wet hair almost every night... Is that bad?
  22. I've used 2% of my battery since starting this lost
  23. When 😂😭😍 aren't my top emojis I worry
  24. I thought I had more thoughts lol this list is turning out to be just random things I'm saying
  25. I have to get up in like 5 hours
    Do you ever just lay there being like "ok if I sleep now I will get X amount of sleep" I do this a lot
  26. Maybe I should try sleeping again lol