My alarm 😑
  2. Do you have to get up?
    Usually, yeah... Class and stuff
  3. Do you want to go to class?
    Usually no.. But I go
  4. Why are you here rn
    In class. I'm not paying attention
  5. Am I hungry?
    Idk why I even ask myself this question. I'm always hungry.
  6. What do I want to eat?
    One of the hardest questions
  7. Should I go to the gym?
    Yeah, but I usually dont
  8. Figure out what you wanna do with your life?
    Nope. Answer is always no
  9. How are you gonna pay for school
    I heard if I get hit by a campus car.. They pay my tuition.. So...
  10. Which TV show should I watch?
    Procrastination 101
  11. What's happening on Twitter?
    *checks 100 times a day*
  12. What's happening on Tumblr?
    *checks 100 times a day*
  13. What's happening on list app?
    *checks 100 times a day*
  14. How do people come up with such great lists?
    Everyone is actually hilarious on this app and I love you all
  15. I wonder what my fave celebrity is doing right now...
    Anyone else think this or is it just me?
  16. It's been like 10 min since I ate my meal. Should I get a snack?
    "Are you hungry" "yes. Always"
  17. What homework do you have?
  18. Should I take a study break?
  19. Should I go to bed?
    Yes, but let's watch tv instead