So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your life's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA...
  1. He's honestly a character I relate so on a spiritual level
  2. He has 3 nipples
    His nubbin
  3. He lost his toe
    He misses the tip, it's the best part. It has the nail
  4. His mail comes to him as "Ms. Chanandler Bong"
  5. He makes jokes when uncomfortable
    Don't we all
  6. No one is ever really 100% sure what he does
  7. He's hopeless and awkward and desperate for love
  8. He's not great at giving advice
  9. He's not great at taking pictures
  10. He's funny
  11. He likes bubble baths
  12. He says more dumb things before 9 am than most people say all day
  13. He talks a lot when he's nervous
    ME AF
  14. He's no professional dancer, but he's got moves
  15. His middle name is Muriel
    Chandler M Bing. ITS NOT JUST THE LETTER
  16. He has kissed all five other friends
  17. His birthday is April 8th 1968
  18. He HATES Thanksgiving
  19. He has slept with 10 women
  20. His mom is an erotic novelist
  21. His dad performs in the Las Vegas show "Viva Las Gay-gas"
  22. He was votes class clown in high school
  23. He doesn't care for dogs
    He lies saying he is allergic
  24. He's an only child
  25. He thinks gum would be perfection
    Suggested by   @kaitmaree
  26. His overseas address is 1 Yemen Road, Yemen.
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  27. He has a work laugh
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  28. Could he BE any funnier?
    Suggested by   @aminam
  29. He entered a Vanilla Ice look a like contest and won
    Ross came in 4th and cried
    Suggested by   @AileenRR
  30. He thinks that traveling with Monica is like "flying with the Riddler."
    Suggested by   @jimmyjamtastic
  31. He also answers to the name Toby...if he wants donuts.
    Suggested by   @jaidub