Remember when I said I would go to the gym everyday?
  1. Got a text from friend saying she was going
    Ok, yeah. I said I would so ok. My other friend said she would come with me so 💯
  2. Started walking to the gym
    Raining a little but I can handle it.
  3. Got a call saying from my friend saying it closes at 9:30
    It was 9:11
  4. Thought.. Not worth it
    I was going to go home
  5. Then we thought. When was the last time we ate?
    At like 1
  6. Went to go get food
    Nutrition, ok?
  7. Started pouring ☔️
    And I mean POURING
  8. We didn't have an umbrella
    We were going to bring one... But didn't..
  9. Another friend drunk called me
    That's another story
  10. We didn't want to walk home in the pouring rain
    So we decided to stay there until it was raining a little less
  11. 2 hours later....
  12. It's 11:11 and I just got home
    I was going to go for like 45 min because I have work to do
    BUT now at least I can say I tried