For future reference
  1. "She died the way she lived.. Watching TV"
    If you wanna go specifically watching The Mindy Project, that's cool too
  2. "Beloved by millions"
    Who says you can't lie on these things
  3. "Died at the young age of 130"
    "A young, hot woman with an ass that doesn't quit"
  4. "I'm a ghost now and if you were mean to me I'm coming to haunt you"
    Yeah, looking at you people in middle school. Just warning them 😉
  5. Words towards the bottom that describe my brand
    "It's important to brand your self so I have a couple of things in the works"
  6. My most famous quote
  7. My @ for social media accounts
    I'm sure I'll leave these to my family to take over once I'm gone
  8. My name
    This is probably important