I already did a "chapters in my memoir" list, so I figure I'd do this one too. Copyright © 2015 me
  1. Remember that time when...
  2. The short, shy, and not so simple girl
  3. Tumblr, Twitter and in my twenties
    (If I write this when I'm in my 20s)
  4. TV, teens and my twenties
  5. READ ME
  6. Who knew??
  7. #AboutMe
  8. Has my writing gotten better?
  9. Suck it, people who said I couldn't do it
    This one is a little wordy, but it's my book
  10. 🌹
    Just the emoji representing my name... Will people get it?
  11. Life 101
  12. It's not all about [insert word I'll figure out later]...
  13. [insert Twitter bio at time of publishing]
  14. OK
  15. Life is not a spa
  16. New York, New Work
  17. Couple activities, but alone
  18. I'm probably watching TV as I write this
  19. I talk
  20. Sorry, I rambled
  21. University- You vs. (the) City
    Idk what this is about 😂 it just came to my head
  22. Work(ing) in progress
  23. *my most famous phrase*