I told my friend I would go to the gym with her everyday from now on... Tbh I'm still not 100% sure why
  1. Over the holidays, I had 5 hams and a goose. I am a wolf in a children's story
    Eh? Did anyone get that reference? 😉😉
  2. TV channels
    Some of the machines have channels I don't.. So two birds with one stone
  3. Procrastination
    I don't wanna study, but I feel like if I go to the gym I'm not really "wasting" time ??
  4. Cute workout clothes
    If I buy workout stuff and I'm spending money for my health... It's not bad, right?
  5. I bought new running shoes
    Didn't need them, but they have pink in them and I liked them.. So I did. I should use them
  6. Health?
    Idk it's supposed to be good for you or something
  7. Walking up 5 flights of stairs shouldn't be this tiring