Warning: This list might expose your right privilege. Suggest additions!
  1. Necklace clasps
    The part that requires dexterity is the part you work with your right hand, flying blind behind your head.
  2. Notebooks and binders
    Have you ever noticed how, after you write in a spiral notebook for a while, you have a cool spiral indentation running along your arm? No? Oh, you must be right-handed then.
  3. School desks
    It didn't occur to me until I took the SAT at a different school and used a left-handed desk that righties don't do everything with their elbow dangling off the side and banging into things.
  4. Scissors
    Trying to use right-handed scissors with your left hand is a joke. It's like trying to drink out of one of those trick cups that make you dribble on yourself. Left-handed scissors are also a joke. Every lefty I know learned early to cut right-handed.
  5. The entire game of baseball
    If you hit the ball right-handed, it goes one way and you run the other way. If you're a mediocre lefty like me, you hit the ball directly to the first baseman and you're out.