Requested by @sophia. I'm not sure these are words that you actually SHOULD be using, but they are words being used, for better or worse. Grown up translations included!
  1. Bye Felicia
    "Farewell, person I didn't care for anyway."
  2. On fleek
    "On point!"
  3. Ya$$$
    "I'm very excited about affirming something!"
  4. Thirsty
    "Profoundly desperate."
  5. Turn up
    "Increase the level of fun and/or debauchery, typically in a social setting!"
  6. Af
    "I am too lazy to type 'as fuck,' or possibly trying to be discreet about my use of profanity because I am 15 and my mom would ground me!"
  7. No chill
    "The inability to stay calm, cool and collected."
  8. Slay
    "Succeed at your endeavor!"
  9. Bae
    "A term of endearment used by people other people make fun of."
  10. Doe
    "Though. It means though."
  11. Basic
    "An adjective denoting lack of sophistication or depth."
  12. Turnt
    "Under the influence of any number of intoxicants."
  13. OTP
    "Soulmate. It stands for 'one true pairing.' Used to be used when discussing fictional characters but is now being used by teens to describe their own love lives."
  14. keeping it 100 or 💯
    keeping it real
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand