I started watching The Flash and it's amazing 🤓⚡️ This list contains all the super hero nicknames on the show, even those not solely given by Cisco. **SPOILERS**
  1. Clyde Mardon (no nickname)
    Episode 101
  2. Grodd (possibly named by Harrison Wells?)
    Episode 101
  3. Kyle Nimbus as The Mist
    Episode 103
  4. Danton Black as Multiplex (first try: Captain Clone)
    Episode 102
  5. Leonard Snart as Captain Cold
    Episode 104
  6. Sgt. Bette Sans Souci as Plastique
    Episode 105
  7. Tony Woodward as Girder
    Episode 106
  8. Farooq Gibran as Blackout
    Episode 107
  9. William Tockman as Clock King (self named)
    Episode 107
  10. Roy G. Bivolo as Prism (re-named Rainbow Raider by Caitlin Snow)
    Episode 108
  11. Eobard Thawne as Reverse Flash (first try: Opposite Flash)
    Episode 109 and 110
  12. Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein as Firestorm (self named)
    Episode 110
  13. Mick Rory as Heat Wave
    Episode 110
  14. Hartley Rathaway as Pied Piper (self named)
    Episode 111
  15. Shawna Baez as Peek-a-Boo (named by Caitlin Snow)
    Episode 112
  16. Mark Mardon as Weather Wizard
    Episode 115 and 116
  17. Jesse James and Axel Walker as Trickster (self named)
    Episode 117
  18. Brie Larvan as Bug-Eyed Bandit (named with help from Ray Palmer)
    Episode 118
  19. Hannibal Bates as Everyman (named by Caitlin Snow)
    Episode 119
  20. Jake Simmons as Deathbolt (named by Ray Palmer)
    Episode 122
  21. Wade Eiling as Goldfinger (named by Joe West)
    Episode 122
  22. Lisa Snart as Golden Glider
    Episode 122
  23. Al Rothstein as Atom Smasher (named by Martin Stein)
    Episode 201
  24. Unknown as Zoom (From Earth Two, named by a fallen police officer from Earth Two)
    Episode 201
  25. Jay Garrick as The Flash (From Earth Two, self named)
    Episode 202
  26. Unknown as King Shark (named by Patty Spivot)
    Episode 205
  27. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Martin Stein as Firestorm (self named)
    Episode 204
  28. Harrison Wells as Harry (From Earth Two)
    Episode 205
  29. Eddie Slick as Sand Demon (From Earth Two, named by Jay Garrick)
    Episode 202
  30. Linda Park as Doctor Light (From Earth Two, self named)
    Episode 205
  31. Cisco Ramon as Vibe (named by Barry Allen)
    Episode 205
  32. Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl
    Episode 208
  33. Russell Glosson as The Turtle
    Episode 210
  34. Joseph "Joey" Monteleone as Tarpit
    Episode 212
  35. Adam Fells as Geomancer (named by Jay Garrick)
    Episode 213
  36. Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost (From E-2, self named)
    Episode 213
  37. Ronnie Raymond as Deathstorm (From E-2, self named)
    Episode 213
  38. Francisco Ramon as Reverb (From E-2, self named)
    Episode 213
  39. BONUS: Mari McCabe as Vixen
    The web series Vixen, Episode 103
  40. This is a work in progress but let me know if you think I missed any!