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  1. Degrassi
    In "Take On Me," Ellie, Sean, Jimmy, Toby, and Hazel get Saturday detention and learn that even though they're in different cliques they have a lot in common. Ellie is revealed to be an undercover student journalist infiltrating the detention scene. 😱 (S3, E16)
  2. Victorious
    In "The Breakfast Bunch," Tori, Andre, Cat, Robbie, Jade, and Beck end up in Saturday detention after they're late to class because Robbie choked on a pretzel. Classic Robbie 🙄 (S3, E2)
  3. Faking It
    In "Boiling Point," Karma, Amy, Liam, Shane, Lauren, and Felix end up in Saturday detention for various reasons. Everyone's big secrets come out and they escape to try to reunite Shane and his boyfriend. 💔 (S2, E15)
  4. So Little Time
    In "The Breakfast Club," Travis gets detention and Chloe tries to get in trouble to spend more time with him. Her plan backfires when she manages to get everyone but herself into detention. 🙈 (S1, E14)
  5. As Told By Ginger
    In "Detention," Ginger gets Saturday detention for falling asleep in class and tries to sneak out to make Darren's football game. 🏈 (S3, E12)
  6. Bob's Burgers
    The Runaway Club (S 5, ep 16) the kids try to get out of Saturday detention to attend the Cotton Candy Festival. It's more of a Breakfast Club + Project Runway episode, but genius nonetheless. It begins and ends with a parody of The Breakfast Club.
    Suggested by @motea
  7. Dawson's Creek
    "Detention" (S1, ep. 7) Dawson, Joey, Jen, Pacey, and Abby Morgan (RIP) are stuck in Saturday detention. Contains Dawson and Joey's first kiss.
    Suggested by @JustineNicole