Inspired by @jacqueline - because people don't know how to spell
  1. Kristen
  2. Kristin
  3. Christen
    This is the go-to way people spell my name when I tell them it's Kristen. Like EVERY TIME. Whyyyyyy?
  4. Christin
  5. Christanne
    I knew an actual girl who spelled her name like this and said it was Kristen. That is ridiculous.
  6. Krysten
    I will give you this, Krysten Ritter. Fine.
  7. Krystin
  8. Cristan
  9. Cristen
  10. Kristyn
  11. Khristyn
  12. Crisstenn
  13. Christon
  14. Crystyn
  15. Khrysten
  16. Krystn
  17. Krjdjdbskdjdiwjdhsjs 💀