This includes a few off-Broadway shows as well!
  1. Sunset Boulevard
  2. Kinky Boots
  3. Avenue Q
  4. Waitress the Musical
  5. An American In Paris
    Lots of dancing! Overall it was alright. I was glad I won the digital Broadway lottery otherwise I never would've gone. Our seats were great and ridiculously close to the stage!
  6. School of Rock
    It rocked 🎸 and it was like watching the movie brought to life!
  7. Matilda: The Musical
    Honestly wasn't very impressed by this one 😕
  8. On Your Feet
    The Gloria and Emilio Estefan musical 🙌🏽
  9. Wicked
    Can't believe it took me 12 years to see it but I finally did this past October. Plus one of my friends was in it so it was even more exciting!
  10. If/Then
    My roommate told me she didn't like this musical so I was worried going into it, but Idina was flawless as usual. Loved this oneeee and the unique story set up!
  11. Beautiful: The Musical
    Won these tickets through a Twitter contest and met the love of my life Jake Epstein (aka Craig from Degrassi)
  12. Motown: The Musical
  13. The Book of Mormon
    Got a great Twitter deal to see this one, but I think it was overly hyped up
  14. Cinderella
    So good, just wish I had gotten a chance to see it again when Keke Palmer was in it
  15. Jersey Boys
  16. Potted Potter
    Really fun and led to the discovery of my favorite restaurant which was right next door to the theatre
  17. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark
    Pleasantly surprised to find out the original Spider-Man was out and my fave Jake Epstein was playing the role ❤️
  18. In The Heights
    Such great music, but we sat allllllll the way in the back corner and I forgot my glasses!
  19. Mary Poppins
  20. The Lion King
  21. Shrek The Musical
  22. 9 to 5: The Musical
  23. The Wiz
    Ashanti was Dorothy and she was hORRIBLE
  24. The Seagull
  25. Equus
    Met Daniel Radcliffe's dad at the stage door!
  26. Spring Awakening
    Saw this twice because the second time one of my good friends was in it and she took us backstage ✌🏽️
  27. Rent
    Trying to remember if I saw this once or twice. All I know is I definitely saw it when Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp came back briefly.
  28. Hairspray
  29. Les Miserables
  30. Sweeney Todd
  31. Fame
  32. Little Shop of Horrors
  33. Chicago
  34. 42nd Street
  35. A Christmas Carol
  36. Beauty and the Beast
    I think this might be the first Broadway show I ever saw! Debbie Gibson was Belle!