1. Wanna learn how to make your own Hotline Bling holiday sweater?
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    I gotchu!
  2. In addition to following along with this guide, you can also watch my YouTube tutorial: https://youtu.be/tI9H7wKkVEg 🎅🏽
  3. Things you will need:
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    Iron, pillowcase, towel, scissors, sweatshirt, iron-on printer paper, iron-on letters, Drake decal, Christmas hat decal or other decorations (not pictured here: a computer and printer)
  4. Once you've successfully printed out your Drake decal and other holiday decorations on iron-on printer paper, cut out your decals.
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    I got this Drake decal from Brit + Co: http://go.brit.co/1QBrgRH‬ (they did their own Drake-themed holiday sweater that's pretty cute too!) You can also create your own decals by Googling transparent images.
  5. If you printed out holiday accessories for Drake, cut those out too.
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    Cut off all the blank white areas on your decals because, if your shirt is not white, they'll still be visible when you iron them on.
  6. Figure out where you want your decal to sit on your shirt.
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    I recommend putting the shirt on, holding the decal up, and putting scotch tape on each side so you know where to put Drake before you iron.
  7. Peel the backing paper off your decal carefully and place him where you want.
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    Don't forget to take the tape border off before ironing.
  8. Add your festive accessories, like this super cool Santa hat!
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    Full disclosure: first time I did this I forgot the transfer paper and totally messed up Drake's lil face. This is the most important step. For a full sized decal like this one you need to iron it for about 3 minutes. Make sure to follow the time instructions on the box of your iron-on printer paper though.
  10. Beautiful! You can stop here if you're happy with how your shirt came out, or you can keep going and add some lettering!
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  11. I'm going to add lettering because I was feeling ambitious.
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  12. Cut out your letters carefully and place them on your shirt.
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    I used the scotch tape trick here again just to make sure the letters were sitting correctly on my shirt. Don't forget to remove the tape before ironing.
  13. Put a pillowcase over the letters and iron each one for about 20-30 seconds.
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    When you're done, check that they are securely stuck to your shirt. If they're not, just go over them with the iron again.
  14. Turn your shirt inside out, with the pillowcase between the layers, and iron for about a minute.
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  15. Finally, flip your shirt back the right way and take off the plastic paper over the iron-on letters.
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  16. Ta-da! You're left with a really fun and hip sweater for the holidays!
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    🎶 I know when those sleigh bells ring, that can only mean one thing 🎶