1. "Good riddances."
    I have decided that this year I need to focus on putting myself first rather than constantly taking care of other people over me. Being that this is my final year in high school, I most likely will never have to see the people that have bogged me down again; meaning, I don't need them in my life or have to pretend that I do to get through future academic years. This year is about self discovery, and holding onto people who want to be in my life as much as I want to be in theirs.
  2. Learn to let go
    I tend to get attached easily, whether it's to people, ideas, etc. Being that this is a year of change and that I don't have control over every little thing about my future, I need to learn to take a deep breath and loosen my tight grip on attachments.
  3. It is okay not to be okay
    Senior year isn't meant to be an easy year, it is driven to be reflective and innovative to promote personal growth. However, there is no such thing as growing without struggle. The college application process will be demanding, thrilling, and disappointing all rolled into one: pretending that you are okay will not make you feel okay.