What way to better know a person than to know their googles?
  1. London dystopian novel
    Trying to figure out if the dystopian novel I read was supposed to be set in London and I never noticed (It is, and also basically all of the dystopian novels are set in the UK?)
  2. Perfect One Direction
    I obviously needed to watch the new One Direction video.
  3. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift
    Looking to confirm for myself what I knew to be true all along - the rumors that Taylor and Calvin had split up were all false
  4. Keller Springs Dog Park
    Had to make sure the dog park was open before I drove my dog all 7 minutes over there to find out otherwise and crush his dog-dreams
  5. Halloween Snacks
    Looking for a simple but yummy recipe to impress my new coworkers (Successfully made mummy pigs in a blanket, wowed everyone)
  6. Fear the Walking Dead Episode List
    After the tragedy of my internet not working for 4 days straight, I needed to confirm I had all the episodes recorded so I didn't accidentally skip one (they were all there 😅)
  7. The Weeknd
    Needed to share the thing that is The Weeknd's hair with a friend
  8. Green Flag with Red Stripe
    Bought some sunglasses from a street vendor later to discover mentioned flag on both sides. (If anyone knows what this means, plz share.) 🕶
  9. ACL Road Closures Austin
    Obvious reasons
  10. Liam pushes Louis
    Was v behind in One Direction gossip and trying to catch up.
  11. S blend word list
    Articulation therapy planning procrastination
  12. Who is considered a millennial
    Just needed to know my generation. Important questions.
  13. Penguin Charles Dickens book collection
    Needed to look at the most beautiful covers of the most perfect books
  14. Falcor
    Sharing the twin of my dog
  15. Ewok Celebration
    Suggesting a wedding song for my friend Kay's processional
  16. Dollar Tree
    Looking for cheap prizes that children love and no one knows why
  17. How to buy tickets from someone on Twitter
    Trying not to get scammed
  18. White Barn candle #1
    Teaching the Bath and Body Works worker about the old days 🕯
  19. Five nights at Freddy's
    Researching for work (finding out what all of my kids talk about all the time - a terrifying iPad game)
  20. Ood
    Just needed to see a friendly face ❤️