1. Nothing is worth getting out from under my electric blanket. I just wish it had a built in McDonald's and five star bathroom
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  2. As far as I have been able to deduce, small mythological creatures come out at night and trade in my car steering wheel with blocks from the ice that froze over Hell. And, unless you have crazy money for a heated one you are SOL
  3. If one more person comments on Facebook about how cool snow rollers are I'm going to loses my Ish. Its so cold outside that Mother Nature has lost her d@#*! mind and has started to roll in on herself. This is not cool, its the 1st sign of the snowpocalypse
  4. Why yes, I do have on: Long Underwear Thermal Socks 2 pairs of pants 4 shirts Full Fleece body suit Wool Coat Down Coat Ear muffs Hat Gloves Boots.... But left my sanity at home
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  5. And last but not least, good luck trying to drive anywhere that is not a high way. Frosty has made sure he will fill his car accident quota..
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