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  1. Twelve
    But I only cried ~7 of those times
  1. Data
  2. Trying to get me to make a budget
  3. Still trying to get me to make a budget
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  1. 1.
    You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette
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    See 1
Things I'm great at that serve me no actual purpose in this life - work in progress
  1. Finding out just about anything about anyone via the Internet
  2. Crying at work
  3. Remembering that one thing that one person said that one time and holding it against them forever
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  1. In college I worked as an office assistant for three years. I never fully learned how to scan
  2. I interned in the Marketing department at a bank one summer. They once paid me 48 dollars ($12/hr x 4) to print 18 labels. It took me that long
  3. This summer I co-directed an overnight camp. It took me over half the summer to learn how to connect my laptop to a printer
  4. I started my first full time job in retail merchandising. Everyday my buyer or planner tells me I printed something wrong
  1. Cheddar
    This is a given...
  2. Brie
    2 full wheels of Brie in 7 days
  3. Havarti
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