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I'm officially 21 today. The list app caught my eye tonight, and I felt like reminding myself of the craziness that ensued during my 20th year here on earth. My comfort level was pushed so much during this year and God used it to shape me and allow me to grow. Here's a list of 20 things I did during this time 😊
  1. 1.
    travelled, A LOT
  2. 2.
    learned to play in a new key on guitar
  3. 3.
    learned countless new tricks on my camera (including making shapes out of sparklers -- LEGIT)
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Reminiscing on my teen and early adult years. Many albums aside from these could be listed, however, these seemed to stand out to me tonight. Happy reading. :-)
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    TSWIFT: Fearless. Ah, this album. Every emotion I had as a high school freshman can be wrapped up in these songs. Taylor Swift, what can I say? You know the teenage girl like nobody else.
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    Jesus Culture: Awakening - This is the first worship album I listened to from beginning to end. I remember feeling challenged to worship more passionately after hearing Kim Walker tear it up. It was so different than any worship music I remember growing up listening to. Definitely a stellar album.
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    Relient K, how would I have survived middle school without you?! I mean come on. What a band, what a band. I can't even narrow this point down to a single album. I choose all of the above, is that cool?
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