My entire childhood (which turned into adulthood) halloweens consisted of homemade costumes. I had to get creative...
  1. Good cop/ bad cop (the right side of me was clean and had my shirt tucked in and the left side was "dirty", or I burnt a cork and rubbed the black part on my face, and wore a torn shirt)
  2. Princess Jasmine (because, obviously)
  3. An apple with a worm sticking out of it....
  4. Michael Jackson (hat and one glove + microphone) ps. It was years BEFORE he died, so like, I was just a big fan.
  5. Pac Man machine (all black clothes with pac man graphics hand painted on it)
  6. The joker (all green clothes with black question marks painted on it)
  7. Cat (once I got lazy)
  8. The main Droog from Clockwork Orange (that was really fun.. And pretty creepy once I started acting like him)