1. Explore new places
    I have a tendency to stay inside and watch Netflix all day. I want to break that habit in order to experience new things and new people.
  2. Exercise Daily
    i can never seem to stick to consistent workout routine. I want to find something I enjoy and stick to it.
  3. Reduce Social Media Activity
    Social Media is all consuming. I am constantly getting sucked into other people's lives via tweets, pictures, and videos. I'm too busy being invested in other people's lives to actually live my own.
  4. Learn Spanish
    I took Spanish in High School for three consecutive years but it has yet to stick with me. 15-30 minutes a day for practice.
  5. Watch Documentaries
    Movies are always great but documentaries are just as good. They're educational and thought provoking. A great opportunity to learn something new.
  6. Transition To Veganism
    I tried to last year but the way i went about it didn't quite work in my favor. This time around, i'm going to make a slower transition.
  7. Embrace Minimalism
    I'm not quite a minimalist but i do see them importance is reducing possessions
  8. Be Active In My Community
    Our political situation is an unfortunate one. I want to be more involved those matters whether it be by protest or voting on important issues.
  9. Be Creative
    I already write but i want to explore other creative outlets.
  10. Leave My Comfort Zone
    Be brave, be bold, be fearless.
  11. Drink More Water
    Splash 💦
  12. Be In Tune With Spirituality
    Meditate more. Pray more. Read more.
  13. Reading More Books
    12 books is the goal (one book per month).
  14. Journal Everyday
  15. Treat Myself
    Every so often, treat myself to something nice.
  16. Wake Up Earlier
  17. Love Myself
    I am beautiful inside and out, and I need to remember that.