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    first of all friends
    I could choose that 70s show over friends but friends is endless you could watch it over and over again plus there's like a million episodes and if you need something that has a bit of comedy and drama while trapped on an island well this groups of 6 will definitely keep me entertained
  2. 2.
    charmed (eh or tvd.. maybe)
    I recently revisited this while my parents were sitting in the couch eating popcorn and watching charmed. it me majorly involved in supernatural things obvious, they're witches. I've always loved supernatural things, so interesting. it's either charmed or tvd which I'm also pretty obsessed with, but tvd is probably a bit too much drama for being trapped on a deserted island lol.
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    lastly, I'd probably choose like bmw or gmw
    just to further increase my daily life lessons so when or if I'm rescued I have another perspective of life lol. but I'd say it's one big show since gmw is a follow up but I'd have both because then that way I won't get bored HAHA but these shows have a lot of important messages