Well, this was far more fun and diverse than I thought it would be.
  1. Oh, this night. 'Twas the night I met @mindy. Or, more accurately, Twas the night I sat a few feet from @mindy as she doled out excellent advice to eager ears. Also, the venue was dope. So was the company! @vaezitj @heathercote @katewilliams86
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  2. Schooling the hubs in Connect Four. This was at an outdoor bar during our long weekend in Philly. Again, dope venue.
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  3. Living on the edge. 1% battery life. Home screen pic is of our first dance, which was ALSO at a dope venue!
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  4. Alabama Shakes at the 9:30 club. Yes, yes, a million times yes. P.S. 9:30 club is a super dope venue.
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  5. Live streaming the birth of Prince George at work. I've heard the Lindo Wing is a pretty dope venue; Kate told me.
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