Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Mrs. Byrne: Bethany elementary school
    4th grade: taught us manners and had a manners party at her house which I of course missed
  2. Mrs. Kelso: Bethany elementary school
    5th grade: wore brown lipstick, chose great books for the literature portion
  3. Mr. Thees: amity junior high
    Would jump on tables to teach science/ get his point across. I didn't know we had a test and failed my first ever test in middle school with a score of 40. I was mortified. When I explained I didn't know, he let me retake it. Also a famous girls volleyball coach in town
  4. Mrs. Kimball: Amity high school
    I was a super quiet high school student. When she noticed I liked to dramatically read Shakespeare out loud, she gave me good parts and encouraged me to be in the next musical.
  5. Mrs. Slicer: amity junior high
    An awful woman who acted like I was an idiot in everything I did. This was science class. I went on to major in biology and become an optometrist and I want her to know.....suck it Mrs. Slicer!