I was so excited to find out you were my Galentine @melissathebeautiful BECAUSE I hadn't seen your lists yet and they were so wonderful! So from your love for One Direction I thought I would put it in a song to the beat of "You Don't Know You're Beautiful".
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    🎤So come on you go it wrong. To prove I'm right, I'll put it in a song!
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    Girl, you know why you've got it going on. Cause your li.st game is so dang strong!
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    Everyone on li.st can see it, I hope you know it too
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    Lady you light up the li.st world like no one else. The way that you roll through Disney makes me want to go
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    And when you posted your list about British murder shows
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    You don't know, oh oh! You and I could be best friends
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    If only I could rock pink hair like you can
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    And that I want that pizza queen shirt so desperately
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    Oh oh! You don't know how hard I laughed
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    Oh oh! When I read your lists on this and that!
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    Oh oh! That's what makes you BEAUTIFUL!
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    Happy Galentine's Day!
    Now I can officially follow you instead of being a super sneaky creep 🙃
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    Thank you for putting this all together and making it so much fun to be apart of! 😍💗Love 😘💗