I'm still not sure what just happened but I'm thinking some really stoned lady just got me to buy munchies for her. I can't even be mad.
  1. I was walking into the dollar store looking for some cups to decorate.
    Just minding my own business.
  2. When a lady in a wheelchair stopped me and asked me over
    I instantly started the head shaking while saying no I'm sorry...
  3. She tells me she doesn't want money just some food
    I am always about this!
  4. She continues to say she's pregnant and diabetic.
    I told her I would be happy to grab her something.
  5. She asks if she could pick it out
    I said sure and we walked in
  6. This is where things get weird.
    Like I'm uncomfortable.
  7. The store attendant instantly gives us a look.
    I think he's seen this before
  8. Then she starts running into everything
    She couldn't get through the door, knocking stuff off the shelves, running into the carousels in the center aisle.
  9. So I'm walking behind her picking things up and trying to move things so she can get her wheel chair through
    And she said she just became disabled.
  10. But she reeked of weed
    Hello Washington.
  11. She stops at some shelves at the front
    Asks if she can get some caramel crunch munch, some chips, and a Snapple juice
  12. I'm not positive
    I don't think those things are super healthy for a baby (if it's your only meal) or for diabetics (I could be wrong here)
  13. Then she looks at me and says I'm ready
    Okie dokie!
  14. She tells the cashier I am paying
    He nods
  15. She asks if she can go now
    He nods
    Not a goodbye. Not a thanks. Not a quick look over her shoulder with a little smile and wave. Nothing.
  17. At the end of the day I'm just glad she got something to eat.
    Even if it was munchie related...
  18. Giphy