1. July 1st-A Word
    Love is Love
  2. July 2nd- Something I don't like.
    My friend and her boyfriend ran a half marathon/full marathon. I went out to support, not participate because running is the worst. Homeboy in the back right is making the same face I do whenever someone tells me they run for fun.
  3. July 3rd-Something Old
    Pointy headed Buddha was given to my mom, @Dashelamet, when I was very little and he sat at the base of her computers ever since. I recently started my first office job and he was passed on to me to carry out the tradition.
  4. July 4th- Patriotic
  5. July 5th- Front Door
    Home is where your heart is. ❤️
  6. July 6th- Love is...
    21 years of unconditional friendship. @awall007
  7. July 7th- Quiet