My First Time Seeing a Psychic

My mom got it for me as a Christmas present, because she's awesome. @Dashelamet
  1. We went with Crystal
    She had some good yelp reviews, and an opening! You'd be surprised at how booked up these guys get around the holidays.
  2. We texted to say we were running late.
    We were surprised she didn't write back, "I know". But I guess it doesn't work like that.
  3. She instantly told me I have a good aura
  4. I come from a family of love but we've had our ups and downs.
    True. True.
  5. I'll have 2 kids but not for 2-3 years
    And by the time I have them I'll view it as a positive.
  6. The next year is on the up and up!
  7. It was a fun and interesting experience!
    Hopefully, it turns out to be true!
  8. Thanks mom!