1. The train bar in Prague
    My Czech bae took me here and all future dates will now have to compare to a bar where they deliver your beer to you on a model train. Doesn't get better than this, kids.
  2. The largest park in Prague
    Good for holding hands, seeing dogs, kissing, not wanting your date to end
  3. The Theory of Everything
    Not a good date movie. I went to McDonald's afterward by myself because it was such a disaster. Also we didn't go on anymore dates.
  4. Ingrid Michaelson concert
    Why would I take someone from OkCupid to see one of my favorite artists? Who knows! The combination of being desperate romantically and desperate to give my ticket away, most likely. I drank a lot of wine and later ghosted him.
  5. Liberty Craft House
    Dude from OkCupid brought a not recently expired license to a bar in Pennsylvania, which was really awkward.