I could be productive and try and get Christmas shopping done or see friends or literally anything else than what I've been doing.
  1. Sleeping
    Not sure I've gotten up before 11 in the past four days.
  2. Going to the local coffee shop
    I've gone four days in a row now and the barista knows I only order mochas.
  3. Refreshing my grades
    It's been a week since the last day of classes, and three days since my last final. Where are my grades???? I literally refresh every hour.
  4. Avoiding opening my email
    I'm on break, so might as well absolve myself from all responsibilities.
  5. Deleting a lot of unopened emails from the past three weeks
    Including two opportunities for $5 Amazon gift cards, lots of spam, emails that were important three weeks ago but probably don't matter now
  6. Online shopping
    and realizing I made bad decisions in previous online shopping expeditions and returning half of it and ordering more