1. A girl who I went to elementary school with
    We awkwardly run into each other every time we're home from break. We did not acknowledge each other this time.
  2. A guy who I've seen on every dating app I have downloaded on my phone
    I've never swiped right on him though, and he definitely recognized me, but I don't think he knows from where.
  3. Girl who just turned 7 today
    She REALLY wants a corn muffin. What kind of seven year old girl asks for a corn muffin on their birthday? Or ever?!
  4. Guy in a Fedora
    Obviously, also wearing a leather jacket and chewing on a toothpick.
  5. Guy with a man bun
    Trying to figure out how that aesthetic fits in with his Planet Fitness sweatshirt and corduroy Levis.
  6. The Awkward Barista
    This guy is always trying to strike a conversation. I am always just trying to get work done.
  7. The Hot Barista
    He is home on break from college, where he plays football. Not my type right now, but probably my type after a drink or two.