I don't know everything about Coeur de Pirate but I like what I know.
  1. Coeur de Pirate is Beatrice Martin's stage name. This list is more about her in general But I love the name Coeur de Pirate so I'm keeping the title.
  2. Coeur de Pirate means Pirate's Heart in French.
    I couldn't even dream a dream of a cooler name.
  3. Beatrice is from Quebec (Woohoo 🇨🇦). Coeur's first two albums were in French. The newest has some English songs.
    And French is so pretty.
  4. Look at how cute Beatrice Martin is
  5. 😊
  6. 😊
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  8. 😊
  9. Place de la Républic is one of my favorite songs.
    Because of this haunting acoustic version: http://youtu.be/1V92U2IzQww The original is also epic: http://youtu.be/xXDORteQAdQ and the video delivers on its name as it is shot in Paris❤️
  10. Her videos are pretty to look at
    Whether they are fun and spunky: Ensemble- http://youtu.be/G28We8bYK7c Or a bit gloomier with interpretive dance: Crier tout bas- http://youtu.be/9p-9U53txWQ
  11. Watch this adorable cover of "I Want it That Way" and a surprise duet with Nick Carter
    http://youtu.be/G28We8bYK7c skip to 2:00 for the cover, 3:30 if you're just in it for Nick Carter
  12. Beatrice Martin scored a PlayStation 4 Game called "Child of Light". How cool is that????
    I haven't played the game but have listened to the soundtrack and it is magical. The game itself has won awards and looks like so ethereal.
  13. Beatrice also had another music project called Armistice. The songs are in English and have a lot of bells in them, and leaves me feeling happy 😊
  14. Coeur de Pirate is touring and I'm seeing her in February!!!
    I haven't been to a concert in years but I think she'll be spectacular live and tickets were a steal at $25.
  15. 💜