This started out as a quick list about why I loved the switch in menstrual products and ends with some cool resources from other Listers.
  1. The Diva Cup is a popular brand of menstrual cup.
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    For more info on how it works, their website has a pretty thorough explanations:
  2. I've been using it for about 3 years now and I LOVE it. These are the reasons why
  3. Travel is SO much easier
    Frees up packing space previously used to hoard tampons because you aren't sure which countries sell them. Especially beneficial on longer trips where you're getting your period more than once. Also, you don't have to worry about finding public bathrooms and can empty it once you get back to your hostel/hotel.
  4. Swimming is worry free!!!
    I used to be so self conscious that the little tampon string would slip out my bathing suit bottoms. Also felt weird about wearing tampons in the water.
  5. Less waste!
  6. Cost effective!
  7. Avoid the awkward attempts to conceal taking tampons to the bathroom
    I was mortified in my younger years whenever I had to attempt this. Several months before using the Diva Cup I tried working on not being so ashamed and secretive and I was getting there and then I found the Diva Cup so I didn't get to fully work it out 🙈
  8. Don't have to worry about scheduling frequent tampon-changing breaks throughout the day.
    So annoying having to worry about constantly changing your pads/tampons. You can leave the Diva Cup in for up to 12 hours. It is safe to do so and I haven't been close to overflowing when I've left it in for this amount of time. I wouldn't say my flow is very heavy so this might change depending on your period experience.
  9. In menstrual cups, I've only tried the Diva Cup and it worked for me immediately. There are other brands/products out there that may work better for you.
    Hope this allows you to consider your options. Ultimately, I love that there are all sorts of options out there and that you get to choose what works best for you!✌🏼️
  10. BONUS: I did some searching to see what other Listers might be saying about alternative menstruation products.
  11. More info about other alternative menstrual products and how menstrual cups work.
  12. And an excellent reminder to check our language and its implications:
    Using the term "feminine hygiene" products has become so automatic. As @notfunny points out, this term is not accurate. Read "FEMININE HYGIENE" !! I do believe the term is outdated: it lacks inclusivity, and it also implies that a period is dirty, something to get rid of. Indirectly shaming people for having periods when there is already so much direct shame around the topic. (P.s. Im no expert on language. I'm definitely still learning to challenge my own beliefs and ideas.)
  13. 💜
  14. Hey everyone: what a cool response to this topic! I thought I'd try opening this list up to suggestions so you can share any tips you have, your experiences (whether positive or negative), or any lists you've made or are making that relate to the conversation.
    Thanks for all the discussion so far ❤️
  15. @sesealyah has a Ruby Cup (another brand of menstrual cup) and listed about her experience here: Why You Should Buy a Menstrual Cup
    It looks like Ruby Cup also provides a cup to a girl in Kenya for every cup sold. This is a wonderful gift as there are many girls who stay home from school when on their period. Here is the website:
  16. @erinpurington also suggested the Lunette Cup
  17. Tip: I found my local grocery store sold the Diva Cup (and I think one other brand, too). If you're checking them out for the first time online, seeing them in person might help too.
    There was also a sale on them the day I bought it AND I got air miles because it's part of the grocery store rewards (Safeway). ✌🏼️