In no particular order. Thanks for the request @jennamarie 😊.
  1. Observant
    I can be very aware of my surroundings (which was poison for my studying habits in university) and will notice the social nuances of the room. Also, even if someone is speaking a different language, I can sometimes understand the gist of the conversation and will comment based on what I think happened which confuses some people and convinces them that I must know some of the language. I don't but I wish I did.
  2. Put-together
    In terms of outfits/demeanour. Though this one bewilders me a bit because I don't know where the line of put together/disheveled really falls or how you can judge it. Maybe I have been able to brush my hair or throw a dress on in an effort to feel prepared on the outside while I'm falling apart on the inside (see: university exams, meeting up with an ex) so maybe I'm just a great pretender.
  3. Organized
  4. Good listener
    Mostly because I'm pretty private and if you're not part of the inner circle, I'll just listen and ask questions to find out more if I like you or not. Less cynically, it's fun to find out what people are passionate about and I'm always curious about people's areas of expertise. So I conclusion, I'm actually just selfish?
  5. A good friend
    This can mean many things, but I think what my friends mean is dependable, reliable, and loyal.
  6. Open to different ideas
    1 activities - I'll be pretty much be open to trying anything. 2 new perspectives - I'll consider them and the support you have to back it but I'll ask a lot of questions and will decide whether I think it's valid or not. But I will entertain the perspectives
  7. Good memory
    One time I remembered that someone spelled their name "Krysty" and she said in a completely serious tone "wow, you have a gift". That's an exaggeration, but yeah, I'll be remembering the birthdays between me and the boyfriend.
  8. Cute, pretty, etc.
    It's nice to hear these every once in a while. I hope everyone is able to put this in their own list because y'all are beautiful and should know it!
  9. Late addition: oh you look young!
    People tell me I should take this as a compliment, so here it is.