Inspired by @shanaz. Not technically exes because I've only ever made things official with my current boyfriend and that's 100% fine by me. 😎
  1. Matthew Bomer with glasses
    A pharmacy student who blew his line of credit on things like guitars, motorcycles, and trips to Mexico. Was ghosted by him so I would go to the gym to do angry workouts. I guess you could call it a healthy breakup. 😜
  2. Matthew Morrison
    Eventually married another Asian girl named Kristin. HAH
  3. Peter Pan but an older version
    Nice, funny guy but we have very different priorities in life so it wouldn't have worked out.
  4. Nick Carter
    Christian firefighter. Wouldn't commit. Blamed me for things that weren't my fault. Tried to tell me he loved me when I started seeing my current boyfriend. Tried to invite me to his upcoming wedding. Nick Carter was his favorite BSB which should have tipped me off from the beginning.
  5. Not an ex:
  6. Young Harrison
    Current boyfriend. A dream.
  7. Wait but this is actually who my boyfriend looks like. Can't believe I forgot this
  8. Neymar Jr.
    He gets annoyed when I say this bc Neymar is so flashy but I am actually convinced Neymar is his Brazilian twin, separated at birth.