Requested by ana


I actually don't snack tons especially during road trips because it makes me feel icky during the drive. And I just eat when we stop for meals. Forgive me for being so boring 🙏🏼.
  1. Fruit
  2. Chocolate covered almonds
  3. Snap peas
  4. Granola bars
  5. Water
  6. Beef jerky
    Okay I don't really buy this but it's like a guilty pleasure and I always think about buying it for a road trip as a treat?
  7. Hot rods
    Ditto with the beef jerky. I'm just trying to pad the list
  8. Snacks I think other passengers will like
    Cookies for the boyfriend, chips probably for friends. But I usually don't touch these 🙈
  9. And usually I get an iced cappuccino when we make a stop during the middle of the trip
    Only from Tim Hortons