Had to switch this up for my general well-being. Inspired by @vanessariegel's "My New Morning Routine".
  1. 11pm- Get into bed
  2. Reflect on my day
  3. Read for a chapter or two until 12pm
  4. Last check of social media
  5. Instagram
    "No changes since 5 min ago"
  6. Snapchat
    "Let's check the new filters." Don't snap anything
  7. Facebook
    Just kidding
  8. Twitter
    "Just want to check if there's any breaking news I'm missing." Skims all news tweets and looks for key personal accounts. Finds a Twitter debate about a social justice issue "HE SAID WHAT??? About what????"
  9. Get really angry and think about tweeting
    Google facts that I can spew. Spend half an hour trying to draft my thoughts. Delete drafts. Never tweet anything.
  10. Lay in bed, fuming about all the injustices in the world
  11. Write a long text message to my boyfriend about how angry I am.
    Don't send it because he wakes up early for work and typically has a tough time sleeping. Delete the text because I also don't want him to see angry texts first thing in the morning.
  12. Fall asleep because it's 2am