Thanks for the suggestion, @TheSteve. This is a list request from a looong time ago but the last time I was here, I forgot to list about it and I haven't been back since.
  1. What is a board game Cafe?
    If you haven't heard of one, my definition is that it's a venue that has tons of games on stock that you are able to play for a fee. You are also able to purchase food and drinks. There are some board game stores that allow you to also play games. I would say the difference is that a board game Cafe has a more coffee house feel. Duh.
  2. Fun fact: Sean and I had been keeping major tabs on this place before it opened. We would check the website for an opening date every few days because we were so excited about the idea.
    When they announced a soft opening, we were likely the first people there. We also showed up to the official opening and won a door prize (Settlers of Catan expansion). The owner now recognizes us because we proceeded to visit several times throughout the month (though I'm certain he has forgotten our names). I have partially fulfilled my dream of being a regular somewhere.
  3. I am actually at Table Top 2.0 which is their second location. I am here with my two younger brothers and my younger cousin who is visiting from out of town.
    Here is what it looks like. Ft my teenage cousin
  4. Today we have a Groupon which is $35 for $60 worth of food and drinks.
  5. There's a $5 cover and you can play as long as you want! Here's what we played
  6. We play Forbidden Desert to warm up.
  7. I got a chai latte and it had a neat sleeve
  8. Our second attempt because we lost our first game
  9. I'm wearing a ring my BFF got me from her trip to Mexico. She got the same ring for herself and it's the second time we've had matching rings.
  10. Our third time. I died. We lose again. We move on to a different game.
  11. Pandemic
    Surprise surprise. We lost our first game
  12. We lose again. We give up.
    The boxes are labelled (6E) so we know where to put it back on the shelf.
  13. A few games of "Deception in Hong Kong". It's a murder mystery crossed with the game Mafia or Resistance.
  14. More Forbidden Desert- 2 games. We lost both games
  15. Ended off with Anomia.