In order of magnitude of "⁉️⁉️"
  1. Peanut butter
    Mostly controversial to people who love peanut butter.
  2. Wine
    This was very sad for me but it's reduced my alcohol consumption by about 80% (*not scientifically tested).
  3. Almost all condiments/sauces
    No sauces/condiments of any kind on his burger or sandwiches. Anything mayo-based is definitely out. No sushi with any type of sauce feature. One exception is BBQ sauce on his burger. Also sauces on Asian foods seem to be okay. But dry sandwiches/ burgers????
  4. Dogs and cats
    He finds them "unpredictable". He is actually legitimately scared of them though so I've been trying to let this one go.
  5. Fruit
    "Not even_______(insert fruit here)????". No. Believe me, I've tried many fruits. In recent years, he's come to like tomatoes.